Jinsha River 11.03 Landslide Lake rescue channel driving 7.5 kilometers

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 Jinsha River 11.03 Landslide Lake rescue channel driving 7.5 kilometers. (the picture provided by the Ganzi Government Information Office)
Jinsha River 11.03 Landslide Lake rescue channel driving 7.5 kilometers. (photo provided by the Prefecture Government Information Office)
Source: 138479.xyz - Sichuan channel In November 2018 08, 16:14

138479.xyz Chengdu on 8 November, (Hong Zhu) today, the reporter learned from the Sichuan government information office in Ganzi, Jinsha River 11.03 landslide lake is located in the Tibet autonomous region of the Baltic Jomda County Township, to the east coast of Baiyu County Rong Gai Xiang Sheng Gong Cun village and, as in a timely manner to carry out emergency rescue, the first time to carry out a road in Ganzi to promote the work of traffic.

According to the Jinsha River 11.03 Landslide Lake disaster emergency rescue headquarters, emergency mobilization of 10 excavators, 4 loaders, 6 excavators, 2 loaders, has arrived at the village, after 20 hours of night fighting overnight, as of 8 at 10:25, first mining machine smooth arrived in Jinsha River 3 kilometers downstream of the lake at the river bed, the total driving 7.5 kilometers, the first battle. At present, being full sprint to the lake dam.

According to the feedback of on-site disposal group, as of November 8th 8, lake dam water level of 2937.11 meters, the cumulative increase of 44.27 meters per hour, the average rose 0.22 meters, the reservoir water flow stability, the lake water is about 324 million cubic meters, the water from the damming of the lowest elevation of about 29.2 meters.

As of November 8th 8, by relatives and friends, scattered resettlement etc., has a total evacuation of threatened mass transfer of 10080 people (2548 people, Baiyu County, Batang County, 2320 people, 1086 people, 116 people Derong dege County, along the Yangtze River construction enterprises 4010), the mass evacuation of the transfer have been properly placed, emotional stability life orderly.

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