Sichuan Jiajiang bus explosion caused 17 people were injured in the public security organs are to arrest suspects

In December 2018 06, 08:12 source: - Sichuan channel


screenshot Chengdu on 6 December, (long) according to the Jiajiang County of Sichuan Province, Leshan City Public Security Bureau official micro-blog news, 23:55 on December 5th, Jiajiang County Public Security Bureau issued a warning report: 17:31 on December 5, 2018, Jiajiang County Yan town a 3 bus to Yingchun road explosion occurred. The investigation by public security organs, Lu Shibing (male, Han nationality, born in March 6, 1974, Sichuan province Jiajiang County Shun He Xiang Qian Jin Village 10 people, ID number: 511126197403063439) is a major crime suspects. At present, the public security authorities are to carry out the arrest.

Hope the masses to actively provide clues to the suspects found, please immediately report to the public security organs, provide important clues to help arrest the suspects, the public security organs will be rewarded.

Hotline: 0833 -5661110

(commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia)